Bus-driver’s holiday

Arizona. Even today  – on the shortest and supposedly coldest day of the year, Tucson and surrounds are magic. Robyn made it in one piece from Sydney yesterday, and we’ve had a couple of days of relaxed birding. Tomorrow we rug up to see what Alaska can offer as a contrast. With any luck we’ll be having a white (but not too white) Christmas on Adak Island.

Below are some of the birds spotted in the desert upper slope from Tucson, and up to scenic Mt Lemmon. The Costa’s Hummingbird image follows the generosity of Tucson birder Joe Aliperti, who let us stalk his backyard feeders this morning.


Saguara-enhanced rolling hills above Tucson


Broad-billed Hummingbird


Pyrrhuloxia aka Desert Cardinal


Costa’s Hummingbird


Mount Lemmon – full of birds, even during winter solstice. Arizona is the State that just keeps giving.


Steller’s Jay – the Rock Star of jays.


Williamson’s Sapsucker – a very nice surprise.


Yellow-eyed Junco – zombie morph.


Great mates. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Reid Park, Tucson.