G’bye Irwie

Beautiful young Welsh immigrant to Sydney from so long ago – Irwynne didn’t speak a word of English upon disembarking in Sydney Harbour before the iconic bridge had even been designed. As a young woman she was advised by her adoptive Aunt to give away ideas of pursuing a career in teaching because she was too stupid. Stupid Aunt. “Eaaaarr-winnnn”, as she loved me to call her (long story – relating to Robyn’s immigrant Scottish Dad) will be long remembered for her generosity and wisdom, always served with a dash of cheek.Beloved by many, and missed already.


Irwynne – ‘Nanny Granny’ to the three Amigos, was a member of my Aussie family (and many other families) for more than three decades. Best wishes go to Irwynne’s ‘real’ kids Peter and Lisa, and many, many close friends.’Y que’ te via bien’..

Below, if the video works, My daughter Jo asked Irwynne to recite a poem from her childhood. She loved everything from Suess to Dickens, and Harry Potter to the Lord of the Rings – and taught Jo to appreciate those things too.  She was also a raving fan of Pink Floyd, Zeplin, and most cool music of the 60’s and 70s. 


My two and a half days in Australia were really great – the funeral service was wonderful. It was great timing to catch up with family, friends, and work-mates.