Special Issue: Attu trip of a lifetime needs YOU

Attu, the ultimate, edge of your seat birding experience has been extended an extra three days to better the chances of ‘first-for-ABA-species. Here I am, with a swag of other big year birders, past and present, moving in on another prospective rarity in 2016.


Crazy birders with Native American skipper of the 72-foot luxury birding boat Puk-uk – Billy. The food and amenities provided on the SS Puk-uk are spectacular,. We sleep on the boat and hike/bike/run after the birds that are consistently the hottest species for the ABA year – just like in the movie The Big Year!

Mars may need guitars, but the inevitably epic extended 22 May – 8 June 2019 Attu Island rare bird search and ‘best-pelagic-trip in North America’ combo for 2019 requires two more participants to be viable. I you, or someone you know may be interested in joining us, contact  John Puschock at info@zbirdtours.com. On top of the adventure factor, we’re talking about spending time with some of the nicest people in the birding world world who look after every need of every participant, irrespective of skills. C’mon and join us, and most likely become a part of American birding history.

PS I’ve just survived two days in windchill -50 F, having timed my Fargo to Duluth birdathon with a rare ‘Polar Vortex’ providing the the coldest conditions for the coldest part of the country in 20 years. Is it any surprise that the owls of Sax-Zim Bog decided to hunker down and make sightings impossible?  I’ll put up a post about spectacular Adak and crazy-cold Minnesota soon!