Texas birds are easy!



Numero ochocientos y treinta! Audubon’s Oriole at Salineno Reserve on the Rio Grande.


Back in town, Least Grebes were hard to find earlier in the year, but in good numbers now along the Rio Grande.


Great Kiskadee


Golden-fronted Woodpecker


Updated hit list:

Northeast – plans are in progress

Purple Sandpiper
Great Cormorant

Later in the Northeast, if luck provides…

Black-headed Gull
Barnacle Goose

Florida in winter:
Short-tailed Hawk

Los Angeles in next couple of days:

Yellow-chevroned Parakeet

Kodiak Island winter:

Steller’s Eider


Mariana Swiftlet

Yellow-faced Grassquit (unlikely)

Other possible targets?:

Gray-headed Chickadee Alaska

Least Storm-Petrel San Diego

Whooper Swan Alaska end of year

Hopeful imaginings for winter vagrants persist…