“Where the big jet engines roar”

11 January

Pathetic, but hopefully identifiable image of the Los Angeles-blessed Red-flanked Bluetail at the USC Library, just a half hour from LAX

L.A. International Airport – and only a 30 minute drive to a super-rarity. Lucky for me the throngs of crowds since the Red-flanked Bluetail was found two days earlier hadn’t been chased off. In fact, while I joined the stakeout today, 9AM – 3PM, the Southern California birders in attendance were all respectful of the bird’s flight zone. My views of the bird were all fleeting, though on one occasion I managed to score a recognisable record shot.

I’m under the pump without enough time to write a blog, but that at times like these, the images will be interesting on their own. I continue to blunder my efforts at eBird – screwing up the locations when attempting to lodge reports after the fact, from interstate locations. Apologies to the moderators. First chance for a non-exhausted few-hour block and I’ll firstly fix up the species list on this site, then get onto some youtube coaching for eBird remote location entry tips.


Rarity watching, California style. Oh, wait a minute, are they looking at ME?


Used to be that libraries were places to learn. Now it seems they are places to lurk.