Fun in the nation’s capitol – en route to Maine

We have a four hour layover in Washington DC in trek from Norfolk to Portland Maine. This is due to new awkward flights following cancellation of our flights yesterday for no apparent reason. We made the best of it, dealing in a UBER ride for a whirlwind visit to some of the most iconic DC features.


UBER driver Ebineezer is a migrant from Ghana studying accountancy in his adopted country. He was a great sport in granting our wish to  see ‘everything’ in DC in one hour flat during our layover. Had a look at the Capital Building, African American Memorial, WWII Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, Jefferson Memorial, and more. We mightn’t have seen everything, but we had fun trying.


Washington Monument. Closed due to faulty elevator. Back when I was a kid, when men were men, and apparently kids were too, we climbed that bad boy via the circular stairwell within.


Lincoln Memorial


Lincoln Memorial. Made famous by the movie ‘Jedi in Chief’.



The White House.


Murray’s request for a chance to address the American power brokers was granted with surprising ease.


Wot the?