Going where the weather suits my clothes

Halibut Point Massachusetts delivered the goods: Purple Sandpipers and Dovekies.

Strong winds drove a range of ducks and seabirds, including Razorbills, Black Guillemots and Dovekies close to Halibut Point over the Thanksgiving long weekend; Big Year birder Amanda Damin’s success with the Dovekies on Saturday afternoon gave me cause for a Sunday morning visit. We had bumped into one another that morning at the fruitless Northern Lapwing stakeout south of Boston.


Scenic Massachusetts.


New England modest elegance.


Unsettled sky heading northwest from Phoenix.


Return to Alamo Lake, still hoping for a look at wayward Blue-footed Booby.


I purchased the smallest and cheapest kayak available at Phoenix Bass Pro Shop, with the aim of exploring entire coastline of Alamo Lake. I keep forgetting that I’m not 21 years old any more. I did manage to cross the lake and explore a portion of the coastal irregularities, but limped back to launch area with back spasms calling the game. Lots of ducks, grebes and herons – even a small congregation of White Pelicans, but no boobies. I stashed the kayak in the bush, and will return for round two in a few days.


Harder than it looks!


Driving the crazy road to Bill Williams Reserve near Havasu, Arizona, with Nuttings Flycatchers in mind. No success today, though I ‘may’ have heard the characteristic call of this rare species. Will give it another try tomorrow. Unfortunately, I once again forgot my age when crossing muddy creek, fell in, and drowned my expensive camera and lens. Things are not going to plan.


Bill Williams Reserve, but this is an atypically tame stretch – mostly it is a very difficult place to traverse. I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully not cameraless, and without sloshy wet boots as per today.


I’ve used this technique in the past to revive drowned iPhones and camera lenses. Blast gear with heat (in this case the motel air conditioner), alternated by cold blasts, back and forth, leading to increased and decreased pressure within the device, effectively breathing humid air out, and drier air-conditioned air in. I keep a towel over tbe gear while the aircon does its thing. At time of writing, after a couple of hours, two loads of laundry, and three Fireball drinks in self-pity, its not looking so good for the home team.